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Touching straight out by touching straight in

​Installation / Poetry

Variable size

Cooperation : Yuto Mitani


The word "pointer" means "something to point to."


It is about the existence of mouse pointer, which were once born as an extension of our hands.

Now, they are being replaced by "fingers," as the name implies, as they come into direct touch with the monitor. While "something to point to" is changing into "something to touch," the act of touching, however, has become one taboo.


Instead of being able only to see others, we try to touch them through our monitors. It is a connection between virtual bodies and a reverse of the user.


There must be blood in those fingers. By the existence of the human being behind it.

Citing Vito Acconci's "Centers" (1971), this work questions the inverted relationship of subjectivity under a pandemic, with the monitor as the boundary.

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