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Milli Watanabe

2021  Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Imaging Arts and Science
1999  Born in Gumma, Japan


2023.7.7-2023.7.15  JOKEN-NO-ENGEKISAI (Theater Festival of Condition) vol.1-Kabuki / ​BUoY (Tokyo)

2022 3.16-20   Group exhibition "Tiny membranes"   /   KOGANEI ART SPOT Chateau 2F (Tokyo)

2021 7.12-8.8  Musashino Art University Graduation and Completion Excellent Works Exhibition   /   Musashino Art University Museum (Tokyo)


2021 3.11-14  2020 Musashino Art University Graduation Exhibition   /   Musashino Art University (Tokyo)

2020 11.5-8  Group exhibition "Dual voice / Raising your face from the surface of the water"   /   gallery mano-a-mano (Tokyo)

2019 10.17-18  Musashino Art University, Department of Imaging Arts and Science, 3rd Year Advancement Production Exhibition   /   Musashino Art University (Tokyo)

2019 4.15-19  Theatrical performance  "Yureru hibiki ni hansha site (Reflected in the swaying echoes)"   /   Musashino Art University (Tokyo)

2018 11.2-4  Group exhibition "Five Art University Exchange Exhibition 2018"   /   Tama art University (Tokyo)

2018 10.26-28  Performance Stage "Kaika (The Deer)"   /   Musashino Art University (Tokyo)

2018 8.27-29  Group exhibition "Human Exhibition''    /   gallery NAGATANI 2 (Tokyo)

2018 5.24-26  Musical performance "Shoujo no zouhu (Girl's Viscera)"   /   Musashino Art University (Tokyo)

2018 4.26-5.1  Performance Stage "Anima"   /   Musashino Art University (Tokyo)

2017 10.27-29  Performance Stage "Lisä"   /   Musashino Art University (Tokyo)


27th Student CG Contest Entertainment Division Nomination

2021 Asian Digital Art Award Exhibition FUKUOKA General   /   Interactive Art Category Winner

2020 Musashino Art University Graduation Exhibition   /   Prize for Excellence

2020 Musashino Art University Alumni Association Scholarship Adopted

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