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Group exhibition "The vague membranes"


Exhibitor: Natsuki Oishi / 
Chisa Takami / Yuki Tsuru / Honoka Wakabayashi  / Milli Watanabe

​Director, Text author: Milli Watanabe

Physically, socially, and spiritually, there are many differences and boundaries in our world today.

While they identify people, they also have the potential to constrict their space and thinking. But we usually cannot recognize them.


In this exhibition, we call it as a "membrane" which is often transparent.


Each of us sees things differently. If we can look closely and perceive the fluctuation of individual spaces and the refraction of light, we may be able to touch the membrane between the self and the other, which can never be identical.


For example, in a pandemic,

For example, in the relationships between others,

For example, in your mind,

The membrane whispers to us its existence.


Front left:
Yuki Tsuru "Flowers of Buddhist altar"  2022

Front right:
Honoka Wakabayashi "Floating Isolated Island"  2022

Miri Watanabe "Touching straight out by touching straight in"  2022


Natsuki Oishi "The Neighbors"  2022

Chisa Takami "Ramen and Spoon" "Pizza Chopsticks"  

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